Apure Industrial On-line Conductivit y/ Resistance/ TDS Controller

Product Description

Features :

  • 100-240VAC or 24VDC power supply.
  •  Two 4-20mA outputs correspond to Conductivity/Resistance/TDS setting and temperature(4-20mA & RS485).
  • Three limited ON/OFF contact ouptut(relay).
  • NTC10K , PT1000 and Manual temperature
  • Three limited ON/OFF contact output(relay).

Technical parameters :
– Measuring range: 0.05uS/cm~200mS/cm; 0.00M Ω~20.00MΩ; 0~9999ppm
– Accuracy: ±0.01uS/cm; ±1ppm
– Resolution: 0.01uS/cm; 1ppm
– Temperature compensation: 0-120℃ Manual/Auto (PT1000/NTC10K)
– Signal output: 4-20mA or RS485 Modbus RTU protocol. 4-20mA is corresponding
– Conductivity/Resistance or temperature, maximum load is 500Ω.
– Alarm output: 3-group can randomly correspond to high/low point triggers/alarms (3A/250VAC, NO).
– Power supply: 100~240VAC or 24VDC. Power consumption: 5W.
– Environmental condition: Temperature 0~60℃ Humidity: 0~85%RH
– Cut off dimensions: 92.5*92.5mm (H*W) Dimension: 96*96*132mm(H*W*D)

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