ATRD701 Guided Wave Radar Level Meter

Product Description

Guided Wave Vegetable Oil Radar Level Meter/oil Tank Level Sensor

Suitable for Medium: Liquid, solid powder
Application: Liquid and solid powder measure,
complicated process conditions
Explosion-proof Grade: Exia IIC T6 Ga/Exd ia IIC T6 Gb
Measuring Range: 30m
Frequency: 500MHz-1.8GHz
Antenna: Single cable or single rod antenna
Accuracy: ±10mm
Process Temperature:(-40~250)℃
Process pressure:(-0.1~4)MPa
Signal output:(4~20)mA/HART
The Scene Display: Four LCD/Can be programmed
Power Source: Two-wire (DC24V)
Shell: Aluminum /Plastic
Connection: Flange (optional) / Thread

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