HCM Series Card type PLC (NEW!)

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Product Description

HNC Electric PLC  , HCM series programmable logic controllers

HC series programmable logic controllers with high reliability, high performance and high speed features have been applied in many industries all over the world.

HNC Electric works closely with customers to design products that are the best choice for their applications. Easy-operation, fast and reliable,

HC series PLCs process your applications more effectively and accurately.

 Advantages and Characteristics

1. Full range of PLCs for customers’ choice, including HCS/HCG/HCM/A1P/A2P/A8P/A2C/A8C

2. Controllable: 10~384 points

3. Various expansion modules

4. Built-in communication ports and high speed pulse output

5. Rich application instructions for different applications

Product  Recommendation

High performance models: HCS/HCG/HCM/A2P/A8P/A2C/A8C

Stand-alone models: A1P

HCM Series Card type PLC(NEW!)

HCM Series – High Performance PLC MPU

HCM series is a high performence card type PLC, innovative communication, PID, motion control and other powerful instructions, support interpolation,

built-in cloud engine, high speed pulse DI/DO. built-in Ethernet+ RS485, some integrated AI/AO.

Model Specification  
24VDC DI DO Pulse Input Pulse Output COM Port Power. Exp.
HCM-8X8Y-R 8 8 Relay 4 Channels A/B phase
8 points 200K
  TCP+485 <4.8W 15
HCM-8X8Y-TN 8 8 Transistor NPN 4 Channels A/B phase
8 points 200K
4 Channels  A/B phase
8 points 200K
TCP+485 <4.8W 15
HCM-8X8Y-TP 8 8 Transistor PNP 4 Channels A/B phase
8 points 200K
4 Channels A/B phase
8 points 200K
TCP+485 <4.8W 15


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