HV10 Series Mini Design Frequency Inverter

Product Description


* Mini design housing suitable for micro automation such as packaging, labeling machine, conveyor belt etc.

* Double-line digital display, can display more content

* Detachable keyboard, external keyboard, convenient for customer debugging

* Powerful macro function, one-key setting, saving customer debugging time

* Built-in EMC C3 filter, stronger anti-electromagnetic interference ability

* Independent air duct design prevents dust from contacting the circuit board, better heat dissipation performance

* Installation back mounting system can insert the inverter directly into the rack

* Programmable DI/DO/AI/AO as well as RS485 Modbus RTU make easy communication with other devices

* Upgrade I/O(NPN/PNP compatible) can meet more application requirement.

* Integrated PID function support most of water supply applications

* Integrated multi-speed function support most of texitile application




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