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Chemical Level Measurement

  Chemical Level Measurement Many common chemicals can damage level sensors. Even stainless steel sensors can be quickly corroded by some chemicals. Transducer elements and the adhesives that bond them to housings are especially susceptible to corrosive liquids and gases. Special chemically resistant polymer housings are necessary for these environments. Simple coated transducers or partially protected sensor housings may not offer enough protection. For long-term durability, look for a chemical level sensor that provides .

Radar Sensor

  Radar Sensor Radar monitors conditions in any environment and automatically adjusts its transmit energy and receiver gain to detect only one echo from measured materials.

Radar Sensor

RADAR Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewaters, Corrosive applications with gases vapours and foams, Solid materials.Radar accurately and reliably measures a wide range of media in a broad range of process conditions, from calm product surfaces and water-based media to turbulent surfaces and aggressive hydrocarbon media.
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