MAG 1000 Flange Mount Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Product Description

MAG 1000 Flange Mount Electromagnetic Flow Meter


– Water and waste water

– Chemical industry

– Pharmaceutical industry

– Mining, aggregates and cement industries

– Pulp and paper industry

– Steel industry

– Power; utility and chilled water industry

Features & Specifications

  • Desing for most application, flange connection type, high performance
  • Diameter:  DN1O-DN2200mm
  • Lining: FEP (DN10-DN500),Chloroprene Rubber,PU (DN10-DN500)
  • Accuracy: 0.5% of Reading
  • Calibration flow range: 0.5-10m/s; Measured  flow range: 0.2-10m/s
  • Flow sensor housing material: Cast aluminum(DN10-DN100); Carbon steel (DN125-DN2200)
  • Temperature class: 80 C Class; 120 C Class; 180 C Class
  • Protection class:IP65 (std.); IP68 (opt.); IP67 (opt.)
  • Power supply: 85-240VAC; 20-36VDC;  Lithium battery
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