Thermal Mass Flow Meter TGF600

Product Description


■Media Compatibility : Air, Nitrogen, 02, CO2, Argon, CH4, Natural gas, biogas, and

■almost all dry and clean air

■Pipe diameter : Insertion: DN25 ~ DN 40 0

■Inline: DN25 ~ DN3 00

■Accuracy : 1.5% RD ± 0.5% FS

■Ingress protection grade : IP 65

■Explosion Proof

■Power supply : AC85~264V or DC16~32V

■Output : Frequency and 4~20mA as standard

Special features

■ Direct mass flow or normal flow measurement
■ 100:1 turn down ratio in 5 ranges: 0.3~30Nm/s, 0.6Nm/s~60 Nm/s, 0.9~90Nm/s,
1.2~120Nm/s, or 1.5~~150Nm/s
■ No pressure loss, suitable for pipe in any shape with known sectional area
■ For the insertion type, installation and maintenance can be finished on line
■ High accuracy data acquisition circuit to ensure outstanding repeatability and accuracy
■ High efficiency design of power supply, the total power consumption is only 60mA@24VDC
■ 16V~32V wide voltage range input to flt in all electricity environment
■ Self-diagnose function plus remote diagnose function, ensure easier trouble-shooting
■ Ex-proof version optional
■ Bluetooth communication for reading, setting and diagnosis and COMMATE APP
■ No mechanical wear part

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